Imagine we say to you that, that obstacle that’s been years blocking you from achieving your dreams is a lack of Discipline. Imagine we say to you that we spent one year designing a weapon to help you achieve your dreams. Imagine that weapon is here for you. Ready to use.

Discipline is the art of working hard every day towards your dreams because everything that worth is hard to get and it will always be.

Discipline in 30 seconds with style. 


“Running is boring.” “Weights are heavy.” “Books are too long.” You became so good at excuses and horrible at action. Is that the person you want to be for the rest of your days? Weak and lazy? Or do you want to live a great life?

Only when we reach the equilibrium of a healthy mind and body we will be really living a fulfilling lifestyle.

Mind+Body has been designed for your journey to conquer yourself and perform at your best physically and mentally.

The only natural supplement in the market that gets you to work out.


Everybody have dreams. But just a few have the courage to fight for them.

Why? Because it’s too risky. You might fail, let down your loved ones or be rejected by your actions.

Dreams and ideas are protected by fears and challenges, so only the most braves that have enough will power will reach them.

Risk is the attitude of not accepting what you are predetermined to be and rewrite your destiny.

We have designed Risk to motivate you to be brave in the moments of fear, because fear is part of success.


What if I told you that the heroes are not coming? What if I told you that the only person that can save you from your mess, is you.

Stop looking at the sky and start looking into you. You are the hero in charge of creating your own luck and solving your problems.

This is your uniform to be the hero.